Welcome Back!…Sort of.


Well hello again, long lost friends! My most sincere apologies for falling off the map for the entirety of my Ph.D. program. If it’s any consolation, I have been utterly consumed with my studies and focusing on merely surviving the process.

So much has changed in the past 4 years, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully articulate all of it. It is my hope to get this up and going again in the near future; however, there will be some noticeable changes.

First, some updates:

  1. I fell off the Paleo bandwagon roughly 3 years ago. Mostly because I had to focus my energies on my school work and I could not devote the time (and let’s be honest, the money) to maintaining enough of an exciting menu that would keep me Paleo.
  2. I REALLY freaking love dairy, so that came back into my life, and I’m not one bit upset about it. There have been many a night throughout this program where my dinners have been cheese and wine…..and not in a glamorous or luxurious way. In a trashy, eat your feelings sort of way. Again, coping and survival.
  3. I’ve dabbled with several different supplement/wellness product lines throughout the past 4 years.  I’ve found great success with several things, but just can’t justify the money right now to continue or maintain any of them.
  4.  Finances are terrifyingly tight right now. Like less than $10 a week for groceries tight.  It happens and I’m making it work. But my eating now reflects that, and I’ve accepted it.
  5.  I feel like a bit of a poser having the “PaleoMeister” tagline without being full-out Paleo….so I’m owning up to that now! This  is definitely going to just be more of a clean eating page. Just saying.

Perhaps the biggest change in me (physically) is that I’m currently sitting at about 205 pounds. In a lot of ways, that number really bothers me because I had told myself I wasn’t going to let myself cross that 200 mark again….but, it happened. There’s no sense in beating myself up about it. Just means it’s time to get back to work.

So that’s the big news. I defend on April 4th, and following that, I will be focusing and getting myself back to being ME. I’ve done this journey multiple times. I know what my body needs and how much it is going to suck, but it’s GO time. No more excuses…because Dr. Meister will be heading off for her new adventure in July and is gonna be in BANGIN’ shape  for it.

If you want to unfollow, feel free. This is going to become more of a documentation of my journey to getting back to myself…..with of COURSE some food posts along the way. Because cooking and creating are still my passions. With that said, see ya soon, and any positivity you can throw into the universe on the 4th of April would be much appreciated!!!

Peace, Love, and Paleo…..ish  XOXO

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